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Successful On Site Demonstration Setup Testing

Successful On Site Demonstration Setup Testing

PUC 1 & 2 Technologies Deployed and Integrated On the Ship 

The ISOLA project partners recently gathered on the designated ship for the Pilot Use Cases (PUC) 1 & 2, dedicating a full day to integration and preparation activities. This meeting was a crucial step, allowing each partner to install and rigorously test their systems in a real-world setting. The day’s primary focus was on establishing and evaluating the communication links between the various services, a critical aspect for the overall success of the project.

Confronted with the unique challenges inherent to the maritime environment, the team displayed exceptional adaptability and problem-solving skills. They successfully navigated these difficulties, ensuring the seamless operation of all tools and systems in this specialized context. This collaborative effort yielded highly positive results, marking a significant milestone in the progress of the ISOLA project.

This successful integration and testing day not only demonstrated the technical viability of the project but also strengthened the collaboration between the partners. The achievements of this day have laid a solid foundation for the next stages of ISOLA, reinforcing the project’s potential to innovate in the field of maritime security. The team is now better prepared to face upcoming challenges and continue making substantial advancements in the project.


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 883302.

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