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Usefulness of ISOLA Pilot Use Cases

Usefulness of ISOLA Pilot Use Cases

The usefulness of ISOLA Pilot Use Cases for passenger shipping companies

ISOLA will develop, integrate, test, deploy, demonstrate and validate a systematic and fully automated security approach by incorporating innovative technologies for sensing, monitoring, data fusion, alarming and reporting real-time during illegal incidents.

The main objectives of ISOLA are:

  • To create strategies and methods in order for a ship to easily integrate solutions regarding passengers and crew safety in the existing ship systems.
  • To propose innovative sensor and visual technologies to support security and safety.
  • To create a complex collaborative system for monitoring and detecting security incidents and events.
  • To create early warning methods for the ship security crew to prevent security issues.
  • To collect incident evidence by exploiting the Augmented Reality features.
  • To allow easy engagement of different authorities in a ship related crisis.
  • To model, classify and easily report a security event.

ANEK, as an end-user, participates in PUC1 – Intoxicated troubles & PUC2 – Detection of a theft incident at a vessel’s shops of a total of five Pilot Use Cases (PUCs). The company has provided information on the procedures currently being followed on its ships and has contributed in recognizing the operational requirements to set up the use cases. 

Based on our engagement in the project so far, it is evident to say that a company operating in passenger shipping can benefit the greatest through the use of ISOLA system since it significantly strengthens the company’s safety and security procedures in terms of:

  • detection and identification of illegal action and suspicious behaviour of intoxicated people (under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs)
  • detection and identification of theft incidents caused by passengers

Enhancing the prevention and/or effective management of potentially dangerous and harmful situations for the passengers, the crew and the ship itself. 

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 883302.

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